Regarding the COVID-19 and safety measures – international guests will be required to provide EU Digital Covid Certificate in order to enter the festival.

National authorities are in charge of issuing the certificate.

Please click here in order to find out more.

We’re waiting for payment to be approved by your bank. Sometimes it takes longer than expected. Don’t worry – if you still didn’t recive an email after 24h (on working day) please contact us at [email protected].

No. Customer’s rights does not give a right to return any cultural event tickets.

Please send over error details to [email protected]. If possible, attach a screenshot. Well do our bests to help you out!

Yes, please print your electronic ticket in order to make verification process faster.

Fest Festiwal is located in green Silesian Park in the centre of Chorzów.

The easiest way to get to Fest Festival is by one of following bus lines:

23, 51, 138, 673, 674 – stop: Osiedle Tysiąclecia Ułańska

6, 98, 883, 803N, 840N – stop: Chorzów AKS

The easiest way to get to Fest Festival is by one of following tram lines:

T6, T11, T19 – stop: Chorzów Stadion Śląski

T23, T10, T11 – stop: Chorzów Stadion Śląski Pętla Zach.

The easiest way is to get to KATOWICE TRAIN STATION. From that point there are plenty of tram and bus lines that will get you to the festival site.

There are three train stations in Chorzów, all with super easy access to festival site:

Chorzów City Train Station (15mins)

Get to the tram on Chorzów Miasto Dworzec PKP stop located right by the train station entrance. Take one of following trams:  T6, T11, T19 and get off at Chorzów Stadion Śląski stop. You have arrived!

Chorzów Batory Train Station (20mins)

Get to the tram on Chorzów Batory Dworzec PKP stop and take a bus (22, 48, 74, 139, 144) or a tram (T20). Get off at Chorzów Rynek stop and take T9 or T11 tram. Get off at Chorzów Stadion Śląski stop.

You can also take a direct bus no. 23 from Chorzów Batory Dworzec PKP stop. Get off at Osiedle Tysiąclecia Ułańska stop.

Old Chorzów Train Station (20mins)

Take a T6 or T19 tram from a Chorzów Stary Dworzec PKP stop. Get off at Chorzów Stadion Śląski stop.

Katowice – Pyrzowice Airport (1,5h)

First, you need to get to Katowice city centre. The best way to do so is by taking one of following buses: AP2 or AP3.

AP2 – get off at Katowice Sokolska stop and take a bus no. 820 (Katowice Piotra Skargi stop). Get off at Park Śląski Ogród Zoologiczny stop and take T6, T11 ot T19 trams. You can also take a short walk from there!

AP3 –  get off at Katowice Dworzec (Katowice Train Station) and take T11 tram from Katowice Plac Miarki stop. Get off at Chorzów Stadion Śląski stop.

Getting to Chorzów from Katowice is super easy! Take one of following tram lines: T6, T11 or T19. The closest tram stop to the festival entrance is Chorzów Stadion Śląski.

Surely! Keep in mind your own safety and take an ID with you. Also, we might ask you to show your document as a proof of age. More info about the matter can be found in terms&conditions.

Yes! If you don’t have an ID card, please take other document confirming your identity such as a passport or a student card.

All persons under 16 years old must be under the custody of an adult guardian at the Event area (more info in the terms&conditions).

Guardians are obliged to fill in an adequate declaration.

Holding or filling in the form by an underaged person does not give the minor under 16th year of age the right to independently enter the event area.

We recommend you to arrive to the venue with advance as thousands of other music fans are getting there too! Planning the last minute trip might make you miss the concert of your favourite artist. We suggest arrival around 2h prior chosen artists show.

Yes! There will be special areas on the festival site, which apart from the persons with disabilities, can be also used by the pregnant women. Due to the nature of the event (i.a. the volume of the sound and the number of participants, especially near the stage area) we ask the future mums to think over their participation in the festival thoroughly.

Bringing selfie-sticks, tripods, drones or large umbrellas with metal or wooden parts is prohibited. Festival-goers can bring a small, folding umbrella. Please bear in mind a zero-tolerance policy according all drugs&substances. All the items forbidden at the festival area are enlisted in the Terms and Condition.

Feel free to take one if it’s a small-size model. We accept allpowerbanks as lon as they are no bigger than hand-size.


There are plenty of food and drink stalls at the festival site.

Persons whose health condition requires serving special medicines, can bring the medicines necessary for them, medical accessories to serve the medicines, food and drinks, however it is required to present a medical certificate about the necessity of having the medicines with you. Please store the necessary food and drinks in ways compliant with the safety rules contained in Terms and Conditions of Fest Festival ( drinks in cans are forbidden as well as glass bottles and vacuum flasks). Persons with diabetes are encouraged to bringing sachets with fluid glucose available in every pharmacy.

Yes but only amateur digital camera with optical zoom under x6 or an amateur compact camera. It is not allowed to bring any professional cameras, film cameras or any other equipment recording audio-video.

Anyone planning to spend the night in a campsite needs a ticket to enter to the campsite. One “camping” ticket entitles one person to enter the campsite and set up one tent.

The campsite is open from 12/08/2020 at 6:00 to 16/08/2019 at 15:00.

There is a deposit at the campsite where you can leave your items. The deposit price is 10 PLN.

Due to the fact that the campsite is an integral part of the festival area, it is not allowed to bring food and drinks to it.A festival shop will be available at the campsite, where food and drinksas well as basic necessities will be available.

You can not park cars and campers an the camping ground.

Sanitary containers and shower containers with hot water will be available at the campsite.

Regulations of the campsite:

Deposit is located by the festival entrance.  Deposit charge is 20 PLN per usage.

There is a cloakroom at the festival site so feel free to leave your belongings there!

Please bear in mind that cloakroom is not a deposit. If you are willing to leave your valuables in a safe enviroment please use deposit instead. The Promoter is not liable for any valuables left in the luggage or coats.

If you lost someting, lost&found is the first place to go to. If your item is not there, please contact us at [email protected]

All on-site payments are cashless, taken with card terminals. Cash payment will not be accepted at any sales point.

There is a first aid facility at the festival.

We would like to ask you to take care of yourselves and your festival companions. Please remember to stay hydrated, use sun cream and wear capes. In case you feel unwell, please approach medical stuff, security or one of information staff members.

You are allowed to take photos but only by an amateur digital camera with optical zoom under x6 or by an amateur compact camera. It is not allowed to bring any professional cameras, film cameras or any other equipment recording audio-video.

If you’d like to take proffessional photos, please contact us at [email protected]

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