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Fest Camping is located in the most beautiful part of the park and it contains all the facilities needed.

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We love food and this is why we prepared for you a lot of delicious options! At Fest Festival you will find what you are looking for, including wegetarian, wegan and gluten free options as well as a lot of other cuisines: American Grilled   Cheese, Viet on tour – food truck, Falafel Bejrut, Arizona Pastrami, Francuska Robota, Frytka Truck, Fabryka Churros, PASTA Mobile, gofreak, SweetGang, Frytruck, Fragola, Sowia Zwija.

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New Stage is one of the stages of Fest Festival 2019, where you can discover newcomers, taking their first steps in the music industry. We are sure that we’ll see them soon performing on the Main Stage! 


Club Stage powered by Pringles, it’s a stage with an electronic sound. This is where leading polish Dj-s play. There will be a trap, hip-hop, various electronics and legendary dance bangers!


3 different stages, whose common denominator is electronics: Dance Circle by Smolna, Astral Stage by Goadupa Festival, Raban Stage by 175 BPM. Each of them represents a separate, unique sound. The Dance Circle is responsible for techno, in Astral Stage bits dominate at a rate above 175 beats per minute, and on the Astral stage the best drum’n’base.


This is a place for those who value independence in fashion. Fashion Zone is the most fashionable space of the Fest Festival, it’s where you can find collections of the most talented, independent, Polish designers.


A zone created for all lovers of this drink. There will be a full repertoire of wines as well as great tapas. To choose a color: pink, red, white. Dry, semi-dry, sweet. Depending on your mood and preferences.


And for those who like to chill out during the festival, we have prepared several zones dedicated to relaxation. Among the green areas of the Silesian Park there will be romantic garlands, comfortable poufs, hammocks and sunbeds. Chillout FEST!

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