Fest Main Stage

The Main Stage of the Fest Festival, with international artists such as:
Alan Walker, Jaden Smith, Disclosure and Metronomy, as well as artists from the Polish music scene – Daria Zawiałow, Organek, Paweł Domagała or Sarsa.

Coke Tent Stage

Coke Tent Stage has been dedicated to hip-hop music with electronic accent. On this stage the festival guests in 2019 could hear: Sokol, Otsochodzi, Smolasty, as well as LostFrequencies or Meute.

Silesia Stage

Silesia Stage – an alternative stage where in 2019 people could hear: Roisin Murphy, JMSN, Rejje Snow, Sevdaliza, Little Dragon and Christian Loffler. At the same time, Silesia also hosted Polish artists such as: Arek Kłusowski, Tulia, Rebeka, Kwiat Jabłoni and Baranovski.

Krąg Taneczny

Dance Circle by Smolna is a stage promoted by the popular Warsaw techno club – Smolna, and in 2019 hosted popular artists of the electronic scene: Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Kiasmos, Reinier Zonneveld, Oxia, Virginia – these are just some of the names that appeared.

Astral Stage

Astral Stage by Goadupa is a scene created in collaboration with Goadupa Arts, Culture & Music Festival, which not only provided a musical experience in drum’n’basse climates with artists such as Logic Bomb, Sandman, Merkaba or Regan, but also took care of the visual aspect , perfectly matching the atmosphere of the scene.

Raban Stage

Raban Stage by 175 bpm is a stage promoted by 175 BPM in Lodz, driven by drum & bass sounds at a rhythm above 175 beats per minute. Performers include: Technimatic, Camo & Krooked, Culture Shock, Alix Perez, Rene Lavice and many others.

Club Stage

Club Stage by Pringles is a club space created together with the Pringles brand. Top Polish DJs which were warming up dance floors across Poland appeared on it in 2019, including Titian, Neen Nah, International Grils or Conspiracy One. Festival attendees had the opportunity to have fun to a variety of sounds starting from the gangway, to hip-hop, electronics and legendary dance songs.

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